Jake Rush on the Issues

Thank you for learning more about where Jake Rush stands on the issues.

I have had it with politicians who say one thing and do another, who don't take the job seriously, and add to the problems instead of working to solve them.

My Focus

We should be focused like a rifle, not on sideshow issues, but on what you are sending your congressman to Washington to do : 

  • Fueling the economy,
  • Decreasing spending,
  • Removing obstacles so private businesses can create jobs, and
  • Holding our government accountable to the Constitution.


The National Debt and Spending

Government spending is out of control.  We must cut government spending and balance the budget.  Our nation's deficit spending is unsustainable and must be addressed with immediate action.  Government spending is driven by Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid obligations.   The expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare increases government spending and our national debt.  We must get our fiscal house in order to keep our outrageous national debt from growing more out of control for our children and grandchildren.  We have to stop buying what we cannot afford.


Obamacare raises the price of health care, hurts the economy, kills jobs, and limits our freedom. I am for a full repeal of Obamacare and a free market health care system. Our health care system needs reform in order to curb skyrocketing costs, but more government control is not the answer.  If we do not undo Obamacare, the "plans to fix it" will never end.  As voters learn of the damage, repeal will become politically realistic.  As someone who battled skin cancer, I know how important it is to choose your own doctor.

The Economy and Job Creation

Our economy continues to stagnate despite the stock markets reaching an all-time high. The percentage of Americans working is the lowest since the 1970’s (www.bls.gov). We need to stop over-regulating our economy and unleash a true free market in order create jobs.  The red tape small businesses suffer crushes economic growth in our district.  I would like to create a new designation that accurately reflects hometown businesses so they're removed from the same category as those with 500 employees.  Current taxing on small business misses the forest for the trees.

Veterans Issues

We must work to better provide for the veterans who have bravely served us. Veterans face higher unemployment, homelessness, and mental illness rates than the general public. Cutting the benefits veterans truly deserve is simply unacceptable and I will advocate for our veterans in every way possible.  My family is full of military and I have welcomed home friends and family from the realities of service.  I will protect our veterans, just as they have protected us.

Social Security

Jake Rush is committed to a solvent and stable Social Security System.  He believes that a contract between the U.S. government and the taxpayer exists and that the government must keep its promises.
Any senior on Social Security or in line to receive Social Security in the next twenty years must be guaranteed what they were promised. No ifs, ands or buts.  People worked, put in their money, planned on the income, and have every reason to expect their payments in a timely manner.
Social Security is in trouble, but the answer is not to raise taxes, to cut benefits, or raise the retirement age. The answer is to keep our current promises and to introduce a voluntary system of private accounts for those 35 and younger.  In this way, within 20 years, the entire system can run on its own money, security and stability will be assured, and all promises will be kept.  It can be done because it is being done in over a dozen countries around the world.

Foreign Affairs and American Exceptionalism

In order to ensure that America remains the greatest nation in the world, we must maintain a strong presence on the world stage. Isolating ourselves from the rest of the world will lead to chaos and danger as totalitarian leaders on every continent will seek to expand their power. We cannot continue to make empty threats and pay lip service to our defense of freedom around the world. America must maintain a proactive foreign policy and strong military, not turn to isolationism and hope as a strategy.

Pro-Life Issue

As a Christian I believe life begins at conception. I am completely opposed to any type of abortion funded by taxpayer money.


As an attorney and a former sheriff's deputy, I believe the answer to the illegal immigration is that we must enforce the current laws. Enforcement begins with securing our borders and observing our laws.  The failure of the U.S. House to demand enforcement of the immigration system is hurting our economy and damaging the rule of law.  However, for those that serve in our military, there should be an opportunity for citizenship.  We must also reform our immigration laws to allow the United States economy to capture the productivity of foreign nationals that pursue advanced degrees at our Universities and wish to remain, rather than exporting this knowledge and labor.

2nd Amendment

As a former law enforcement officer I recognize the importance of the second amendment right to bear arms. This guarantee is fundamental to our individual freedom and must be protected.  I am a proud gun owner and member of the NRA.  Gun safety is learned through familiarity, not fear.


The current IRS tax code is over 5,000 pages long and is simply too complex. We must simplify the tax code and lower the base income tax rates in order to stimulate job growth and our economy.  I find it offensive that the IRS operates on "guilty until proven innocent" and we know it's ripe for abuse.

National Defense

In order to ensure that America remains the greatest nation in the world, we must maintain a strong presence on the world stage.  America must maintain a proactive foreign policy and strong military to contain threats to our country before they strike our shores.  We should not risk our patriots' lives taking the same ground twice when we can hold strong to our advantage.

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