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Jake Rush is lovingly devoted to his brilliant wife, Anne, and blessed with his son, Victor. Jake is the son of Robert Rush and Kristy.

Jake is a strong believer in family values as a foundation to a prosperous society, and he will fight to protect your family in Washington.

Jake is a strong supporter of the United States Constitution and is a teacher of the Constitution to students and law enforcement. He seeks to instill a sense of pride, passion and security into America’s youth by empowering them with knowledge.

Young-Jake-digging-in-garden-1.jpgEarly Life

Born in rural Alachua off SR 235, Jake grew up in a trailer on a small farm learning the value of hard work, perseverance, and farming.

Jake spent his childhood outdoors climbing trees, hunting and fishing. His mother was one of the first female firefighters in Florida and his father worked his way through law school with the USDA. His upbringing taught him about local government and the legal system. Through watching his parents persevere, Jake was instilled with a sense of strength and duty toward others.



The importance of education was stressed upon Jake from a young age as a means to better himself. Jake participated in gifted courses until high school, when he was accepted at a magnet high school. In the mornings before dawn, for two years, Jake walked two miles to the bus stop to attend school over 24 miles away.

Jake graduated as class president and earned a Congressional Appointment to West Point Military Academy.  Jake ultimately attended the University of Florida to stay close to his family.

Jake graduated from UF with a major in Classics. This study familiarized Jake with concepts such as the state, democracy and the impact of war.

Law EnforcementJake_ASO_web.jpg

After college, Jake joined the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. Serving as a Sheriff’s Deputy under Sheriff Steve Oelrich, Jake patrolled Alachua County as a proactive drug enforcer and D.U.I. investigator.

During this time on patrol he began to see a first-hand effect of the law on peoples’ lives. He often worked alone in unincorporated county areas, acting on behalf of the government’s executive branch. This patrol experience underlined in Jake the need for honest government to protect against any abuses of power.

Jake’s time on patrol helped shape his character.

Bravery, adherence to justice above personal desire, and unimpeachable ethics were daily requirements.  Because of his reliability and demeanor, Jake was chosen to carry the American flag in the Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard.

Before his work on patrol, Jake spent eight months as a courthouse deputy. He watched trials, escorted judges and juries and interacted with clerks.  During this time, his understanding of the justice system, including its frailties, became very realistic.

jakeshooting.jpgJake competed for and was selected for SWAT before going to law school, but turned down the appointment when he applied to law school. His discussion with the SWAT commander was to save the department the money of buying him SWAT gear that he would use for less than a year.

Legal Career

Jake took his practical knowledge of the legal system with him when he went to law school. Graduating from Stetson Law School in 2007, Jake became a practicing attorney in state and federal law, with a large portion of his time spent on Constitutional law. The experience and knowledge he gained from being a Sheriff’s Deputy serves his clients.

The small Rush and Glassman firm, where he continues to practice, utilizes Jake’s knowledge of practical applications of the law in police matters.  They are one of the few law firms in our part of the state that takes on Constitutional civil rights cases.  Fighting the government is not easy; it takes personal dedication and tenacity. RG_Jake_twitter.jpg

Jake is a Constitutional lawyer and has participated in civil trial work, civil rights, and criminal defense, including standing up for gun rights by successfully defending the 1st Stand Your Ground case in North Central Florida.

While practicing law Jake picked up the badge and gun again, this time without pay, and returned to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy in the patrol and aviation divisions.  To this day he teaches new Deputies 4th Amendment law and courtroom testimony.

In addition to his volunteer service, from 2010 to present Jake has been elected to serve on the Board of Governors for The Florida Bar, Young Lawyers Division, as the representative for the Eighth Judicial Circuit.  There he has served as Chair and Co-Chair of committees, including Public Interest Law. Jake is a lifelong Republican and Conservative.

He is a member of the NRA with a CWP.  

Jake has stood for the Constitution as a mainstay in his life for his whole career, including defending it with his life, and will continue to fight for the rights of every American.

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