How to Use a Fuel Injector Cleaner

A fuel injector cleaner is important in keeping your engine running smoothly and you can apply this yourself, but you must be careful in doing so because you might end up causing more problems to your fuel injector or the car. Knowing how to use a fuel injector cleaner is important and in this article you will find out how but you can learn more about the best fuel injector cleaners and how to clean fuel injectors at

How to use a fuel injector cleaner:

  • Disabling the fuel pump will start the process because you will not be able to start putting the cleaner if this is active.
  • Make sure to disconnect the pressure regulator.
  • The fuel port must be connected to the kit.
  • The fuel cap of the gas tank must be removed to relieve the pressure that is brought by the cleaning kit. They can cause large busts which need to be controlled.
  • Never forget to turn off the ignition so that when you turn off the fuel pump, the engine will not be affected.
  • Look for the valve in the kit and open it until you reach the right pressure for your vehicle. The kit has an indicator that will help you tell if you have already reached the right pressure.
  • Let the solvent run through the injectors until it has become finished. It will take about 5 minutes before this happens.
  • You can now put the gas cap on and reset the fuel pump.
  • It is now safe to connect the pressure regulator again.
  • Now start the engine and get a long screwdriver to listen for rapid clicking sounds because it is a sign that the injector is running smoothly again.

Things you must consider before cleaning your fuel injector:

  • If your injector has a lot of clog, the solvent may not work and will not be able to fully clean your injector. It is important to not let this happen before you decide to clean your fuel injector.
  • In cases like this, you might have to do further tests on your injector if it has responded to the cleaner. You can check the HC and CO levels or do drop test on your injector to check if you succeeded.
  • Be careful in using the solvent as it can have a bad effect on the plastic components found in the fuel pump, fuel lines, and regulator.
  • Your engine is running during this process therefore there is a chance that you can have an injury because the solvent and gasoline are both flammable. Be extra careful.

This is a crucial part of maintaining your fuel injector and keep it running smoothly. This will have an effect on your car in the long run if you fail to do it the right way. The problem can accumulate and you will end up spending more in the future in case it leads from one problem to another. Cars need to get proper care because people use them every day to run important errands or most especially during times of emergency.

Metal Detectors for Security: What are the Best Metal Detectors?

Crime is becoming more and more present in society today. It has become very rampant and hard to really determine who is about to strike next. Every time you enter a place, the security will always take out their metal detector and see if you are carrying any deadly weapons. Metal detectors have prevented crimes from, but getting the best one also matters. How good it is can be determined by the kind of metal detector you have.

Here are the characteristics of the best metal detectors:

  • They are usually compact and concealed – They are the kind of metal detectors that are being used in security guard services almost everywhere in the world. The Garrett THD is an example of this one. It has the same sensitivity as the larger ones, but if you will only need it for a small crowd, this might be intrusive for them.
  • Great for continuous use – They are the long and padded ones which you most commonly see being used. A good example of this one is the Garrett Superwand and this one is able to last through long hours of usage even during crucial situations. There are imitations of this and you must be keen on finding out if you are buying the real thing or not. If the price is too low, then it is a fake one. You will regret purchasing a fake one if something bad happens and it will all be too late.
  • Audio alert – The good security metal detectors have an audio alert, but they are only ideal for places that are not too noisy. They also have an internal alert which you can hear through a headset or earphone.
  • Visual indicator – This is another good metal detector to have if you will be using it in noisier places like rock concerts or clubs. The security guard must be aware of the indicator all the time to avoid letting a criminal pass through.
  • Vibration indicator – This is the most recommended security metal detector used because it is discrete and the guard will be able to plan more in case a target has been caught. It gives them more room to act and not cause too much scandal. Even the noisiest places will be safe by using the one with vibration indicator because the detector will always be in contact with the body of the guard leaving.

When choosing the best metal detector (learn more here), always look for these factors because you would not want to put lives in danger. This is for security purposes so make sure that you do not go cheap on them. Once you miss a security issue, the criminal will be able to harm people and escape. This will spread all over the news and it will affect the number of people that will enter the place even if no other incidents have occurred after that. This will go on for a few months before you will be able to prove yourself again.

If you are interested in learning more about tools and home we have more articles here.


Portable Air Compressors: Are They Any Good?

When portable compressors first came out their sales were really high, but it decreased for a period of time. To prevent it from totally going down in the market, new technologies have been applied in making and selling the next generations of the portable air compressors which makes them really useful to people.

Where are they most useful for?

They are most useful for moving around in a particular job place or site. Since it is not stationary, people are able to transfer it from one location to another depending on who will need it next. They can easily be pulled using a truck because they have a hook can connect at the back of the truck. The truck will be used to move the air compressor from a particular job site to another area. You can head on over to the Air Tool Zone to learn more about air compressors and read reviews about different power tools.

How big are they?

The Portable air compressors have different sizes and horsepower. The one you will need will depend on how big the place will be and where it will be used. Larger tasks need a bigger and stronger air compressor. If you have a problem determining which one to get, you can ask the company to help you gauge which air compressor is right for you. Tell them where you will be using it and what you will need it for. They will tell you if you need a portable diesel compressor or a portable electric one. They will also have other portable air compressors that you can choose from.

Are they really important to us?

Portable air compressors are a handy tool to have in your home or job site. They will help you perform different tasks faster and there is no limit to where you can take it. They can easily be brought can carried because they are not that heavy. If you have a portable air compressor which you can move around, you will not have to think about going too far or changing the place where you need to work.

If you are using a portable electric air compressor, make sure that there is a socket where you can plug it in. Fumes are not emitted from electric powered compressors so if you will only need them for indoors, they are okay to bring inside.

If you have a gas powered air compressor, you must do the task outside because fumes are emitted from them unless you have an area with good ventilation. They are the ones mostly used for outdoor job sites and construction.

Before getting a portable air compressor, find out where you will use it the most as you know if you will taking it to the car, work or just around the house and then read reviews and learn about the different types of portable air compressors. The gas powered one does not require electricity to work, but you cannot take it indoors. And the electric one can be taken indoors or outdoors, but you will always need a source of electricity. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of each before buying one. Knowing which one will really be helpful to you can save you time, money, and effort because you will be satisfied with the product.

What to keep in mind when buying a water softener

Having water that is considered hard does not necessarily harm your health because it only means that your water still has minerals which can accumulate over time. And when this accumulates, the residues can build up in the pipes causing scales to form. Scales can damage your appliances making their life span shorter. This is where a water softener comes in because it eliminates the minerals and therefore scales will not form, you can learn more about them and read water softener reviews over at

Here are things to consider when choosing a water softener:

  • Find out which type of softener you need – Determine first what kind of problem water has and you can do this by asking a professional to test your water for you. Professionals will also help you study the conditions so you can easily find which softener you need.
  • Get a high quality water softener with a metered style valve – When your water has a metered style valve, it will have a longer life span and perform better. This may cost more, but in the long run it will save you from having to replace components often which can add up to a bigger amount of money spent. Having a metered style valve also allows you to put different levels of hardness which can depend on the number of people living in the house. It will also be able to know when it needs to clean making it more effective.
  • Get the right size for your home – Not all water softeners are the same. The size that is right for your home will rely on the hardness level and flow rate of the water in your home. If the water softener is too small, it will affect the life span of your components. And a water softener that is too large will only waste backwash water and salt. Both will make you end up spending more money on repairs and parts.
  • Ask someone to test your water if you will need something other than a softener – Water needs to be free of diseases and it must be really safe for human use so you might also need a filtration system. If you buy them both at the same time, it will save you money in the long run.
  • The quality and the price – When planning to buy a water softener, think about how much you can spend and how long are you expecting it to last. Don’t buy a low quality softener that is cheap and will not last long. Get one with a good price which comes with a 12-year warranty. Some expensive ones will only offer you a 1-year warranty. It is better to get a good one because it will last long and you would not want to go cheap on something that you personally consume and put in your body. The disease that you can get from unsafe water will cost more than what you will spend now.

The most important thing is to make sure that you’re getting the best one when buying a water softener.

What is the Best Humidifier

Having dry skin and stuffy nose can disrupt you from getting a good night’s sleep. It can affect your energy the next day and your mood. It gets more uncomfortable during the cold months of winter where you are prone to having colds and sinusitis. Having a humidifier can produce more moisture in the air helping you breathe better, but make sure that you clean it regularly to prevent bacteria from forming inside which can affect the air.

Here are the best humidifiers to get:

This humidifier is not only cute, but it is heavy duty as well. The base is very sturdy and it is perfect for preventing scalding and the machine will shut off on its own when the water is already low. It is perfect for keeping your kids asleep all night and not wake up irritated due to lack of sleep.

This humidifier uses boiling water killing 99% of bacteria and it also has a feature that helps protect your humidifier from mold buildup and other bacteria. This automatically shuts off when water needs to be refilled and this product also comes with a 3-year warranty.

This humidifier uses vibrations and frequency to create mist unlike others which use rotating disks and fans. It is capable of maintaining the level of humidity and the base has an anti-bacterial function which helps in keeping the air clean. You will also love this because it is really quiet and will not distract you from sleeping. You can read humidifier reviews and learn more about how they work at

When choosing a humidifier, see if it has a humidity gauge. If it does not have one, you can buy it from stores. Having a humidity gauge lets you determine how much humidity is present in the air. It is also important not to have too much humid in the air. If you let your humidifier go too far, you can turn on the Air –condition to level out the humidity. Also remember not to let bacteria build up in your humidifier by cleaning it regularly and follow what is said in the manual on how to clean your humidifier. Too much humidity can also trigger asthma or allergy so make sure to keep the humidity level normal because if there is too much moisture in the air, mold and bacteria will form. This can cause viruses and some diseases.

There are a lot of humidifiers which can be bought, but it is important which products are getting the best reviews and positive feedbacks. Humidifiers are important especially while your child is growing because they will need all the help they can get. It will also make them less prone to having colds during the really cold winter months. If your child is awake, you too will be awake so having a humidifier will not only benefit your child, but you as well.