I am running for Congress because I have had it with those politicians who say one thing and do another, who don’t take the job seriously, and I, like you, am tired of being disappointed by those who sell us out.

I protected our citizens with my life.  I defend our rights today.  I have the education, experience, and grit to stand up to Washington.

My Focus

We should be focused like a rifle, not on sideshow issues, but on what you are sending your congressman to Washington to do :

  • Focusing on the economy,
  • Decreasing spending, and
  • Building a country where private businesses create jobs.  

Our story

As I travel the district, I hear the exact same things I have heard while serving as a Sheriff’s deputy and practicing constitutional law.

People are nervous; they don’t understand their government anymore – it literally makes no sense.

People in North Central Florida are fed up and tired of being disappointed by their Congressman.

People see a river of pollution flowing from Washington DC, and this pollution erodes our Constitutional Rights, floods us with government against our will, and gives life to Obamacare.

From this river flows unending spending, increased national debt, job layoffs, and disappointing economic news.

We must demand from our politicians that they stand strong.

Our country does not have the luxury of allowing politicians to say one thing and do the opposite.

When the people we send to Washington don’t take their Constitutional duties seriously – allowing themselves and their embarrassing antics to become the story – it is time we send different people.

When the people we send to Washington do not take their oath of office as serious as I have my oaths of office - it is time we send different people.

When Congressmen tell us one thing and do another, its time to send different people.

My Promise to You

I am not a politician, but I have taken an oath three times.

Each one of those times, I have placed my hand on a bible, and publically given my word to uphold the Constitution.

Today, I give you my oath again.

I am known as a straight shooter within the law enforcement and legal communities.  I know we are not always going to agree, in fact, I think respectful discussion is healthy for our country.

I look forward to discussing my detailed economic plan in the coming weeks, and I need your help.

I look forward to meeting you, discussing issues with you, and I thank you for your assistance.